Sourceforge… I’m disappointed

In a hurry to acquire the latest Filezilla installer, I clicked download on the Sourceforge page and then ran the installer for what I thought would be Filezilla. Having forgotten about something I learnt a few months back (maybe even over a year ago), many Sourceforge downloads have now been polluted with adware and ‘unwanted’ software which could be perceived as malware or spyware. In my haste I clicked next.. next and next only realising at the last second that I had just allowed Norton 360 and nefarious browser plugins to be installed. I wasn’t happy…

Removing the software even required me to reboot which isn’t something it asked me to do after installation. Suffice to say, removal of the software seemed to get rid of most of the rubbish and then a quick scan with MalwareBytes seems to have done the rest. It is shameful that Sourceforge have allowed this to happen.

I also found this on my searches which has a more detailed explanation of some of the software being installed.

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